St Louis Scorpions Track Club

A Non-Profit Youth Organization serving St. Louis and the surrounding areas



This update is to keep all St. Louis Scorpions Track Club members informed of the current status and actions related to the COVID-19 situation. We should all remain focused on safety, physical and cyber security on behalf of everyone associated with the St. Louis Scorpions Track Club. As a Club, we continue to assess and pay close attention to any changing situations and will take proactive actions to protect the safety of our Club. We recognize there are always uncertainties associated with COVID-19 and despite the distractions we encourage our Club to remain focused on our duties to be safe and work together to keep everyone healthy. Please remain vigilant in your health and safety practices and be conscious of limiting exposure.

    1. Masks are not required outdoors, but if you prefer to wear masks you are certainly welcome to do so. During active running, masks should be pulled down.
  1. We will have hand sanitizers available for all to use during practices, track meets and any outside activities.
  2. If you feel sick, please do not come to practice or track meets. Take the necessary steps pertaining to possible exposure. We do understand allergies and colds are all happening at the same time, but please remain focused on the COVID-19 situation and seek the necessary medical attention or quarantine period.

About Our Club

The St. Louis Scorpions is a non-profit youth organization located in the St Louis, Missouri area. Our track club serves St. Louis area youths ages 4-18 years. Our club is a member of the USA Track and Field (USATF), Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), and The Ozark Association.


Our Goal is to:

• Train our youth to ultimately compete in local state competitions and the AAU and USATF Nationals.
• Promote honesty, reliability, teamwork, and self-determination.
• Encourage social responsibility, academic excellence, respect for others, and self-discipline.


Through the volunteer efforts of coaches,
parents, supporters and encouragers

Our Club strives to develop into a POSITIVE OUTLET for the youth of St. Louis’ inner city and surrounding counties and communities. Ultimately by providing a rigorous track and field program and character development program we seek to instill in our youth a sense of pride, self-respect, and personal work ethic that will encourage them to strive for excellence in all of their future endeavors.



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